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Dean LeCrone    Non-union        Phone:   858-472-9470
5’10”    155 lbs.    Hair: Brown    Eyes: Brown                   
E-mail:                                                      Video at:

Dean LeCrone vs. the Mutants          Host           Dir:  Dean LeCrone
Of Comic-Con
C.O.P.P.S.                                                Lead           Dir:  Jeff Beats
The Month of August                           Minor          Dir:  Rex Piano

Transportation Jeopardy                      Host         CasaTV
Casanet:  The Christmas Mystery      Lead         CasaTV

VOIP Phones                                        Lead            Dir:  Lawrence Alexander
El Rancho Lodge                                Lead            Dir:  Dean LeCrone

A Better Way                                        Lead             Web series for

Theme Park
Shamu’s House of Douse                    Host         Seaworld
Beach Blanket Ski Party                       Host         Seaworld
Olympic High Diving Show                  Host         Seaworld
City Streets                                              Host          Seaworld
Pirates of Pinneped                      Pirate Mime     Seaworld

Trolley Follies                                       Host           Mystery Café Theatre
On the Verge                                         Gus            Omaha Community Playhouse
The Runner Stumbles                        Amos         Alliance University
Bluebeard, St. Joan,  Mother Goose                  Warnborough College England

Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Nebraska (Theatre/Art)

Other Training
Audition techniques workshop with casting director Holly Powell
Improv workshop with Groundlings founder Gary Austin
Improv training at Jet City Improv in Seattle
Open mic night at the Comedy Store in La Jolla
Fundamentals of Acting – Omaha Community Playhouse
West Coast Swing and Cha Cha lessons from Brick Robbins and Mary Manzella

Special Skills
Ballroom dancing, cartoonist, commercial driver’s license, juggling, singing

Specialized Experience
Army National Guard ’82-’87. Occupational Status: 19 Delta Cavalry Scout